Mystery Moon

moonSo much as been said for likely thousands of years about the affect of the moon on living things including humans. Since our moon will be full tonight and I understand we are to have a meteor shower that is supposed to be visible in certain areas of the United States, but from what I’ve read, our area’s visibility will not be that good.

I can certainly say there are times when the full moon seems to have an affect on people’s behavior. One of the workers whom I’ve become acquainted with at a local convenience store swears by the moon’s affect on customers. When he has to work the night shift, it is all the more noticeable in their behavior. He told me but one of the episodes of a full moon night shift happening and that was enough for me.

For centuries, in the old ways of growing plentiful crops, the phases of the moon were important times for planting as well as harvesting. As we all know, the moon has an effect on the oceans where there are great high and low tides due to the gravitational pull of the moon and its proximity to earth during its phases.

There are people whom I know who speak about having raging dreams during the full moon as well as others who seem get headaches more often. In ancient times, the moon was considered a god by many different religious groups. The Celts had a name for each of the moons of the year. August’s moon was named “dispute” by them. Colonial America called August’s moon “dog days moon”, and the list goes on.

Another interesting phenomenon regarding the moon, are the rituals that were created by different societies around the world. Some were dark and likely had human sacrifices involved, and others were for merriment and frolic in the forests and fields. I have personally heard stories from people who’ve had ghostly sightings of entities wandering through the shadows created by the moonlight. I’m sure if any of you reading this stop and think about unexplainable happenings in your life, just think back clearly enough to see if those happenings took place during a full moon. Perhaps the layer dividing this world from the “other” grows more thin and some of “them” can get through just long enough to be seen.

I made up my mind last evening to attempt to take an acceptable photo of the moon and to my delight there was but one, and it is posted above. I’m not being proud or pompous in saying, “This photo is one of the most hauntingly beautiful moon shots I’ve seen.” I’m going to call it my Mystery Moon.

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