Saturday Morning Stroll

DSC_3943I arrived a little earlier at the office than normal this morning so after I took a few moments to get the office ready for the day, I decided to take a little stroll in the downtown. What’s so very interesting about walking there so early in the morning, is that there are nearly no pedestrians to be seen and very few cars driving the streets.

I likely walked about a half to three quarters of a mile roundtrip, but in that short distance, I suddenly realized that one gets an undistracted view of anything and everything. I stopped for a moment and watched the swallows chasing mosquitos and other flying bugs, I could smell the last traces of the Linden tree blossoms, I noticed how many of the volunteer trees are getting out of control along the creek just south of Southbridge Mall parking lot, I smiled to myself when seeing someone’s attempt at maintaining a green area, but doesn’t know the difference between plants to pull and plants to keep. I couldn’t believe how many squirrels are scurrying about in the downtown this year. I normally only see about one or two the whole year. I hope they haven’t decided to make their homes in the attics of some of the historic buildings. The more I was walking and getting a “feel” for the ambiance of the Central Business District of Mason City, I began to understand more fully why I have been receiving more calls these past several years from people wanting to live in the restored second and third floor apartments above the storefronts. I can image how delightful it would be to have different early morning paths to walk without fighting speeding traffic. With nearly all the basics within blocks of each other, one wouldn’t even have to have use of an automobile on a daily basis.

A dear acquaintance of mine who lives in a charming old apartment building in the historic downtown of a city out of state, has a car, but keeps it about four blocks away in a secure garage and only drives it maybe one or two times a week. She is within walking distance to work and does nearly all her shopping in stores that are a short distance from her apartment. Can you imagine the cost as well as time savings she has? People really must stop being so attached to their vehicles and start taking a few Saturday morning strolls. I think their minds will open to the alternatives of being glued to a steering wheel on and off all day.

Joe Chodur

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