Swing of the Pendulum

Swing-of-the-PendulumSome say our lives are pre-destined and that’s all we are doing is just living out the play of our lives that were already written for us before we were born. Others have said that each and every moment of our lives are filled with choice, and by being in that constant state of the flip of the coin, we are creating an ad-lib play of our own lives. I read just recently that some believe that each person has another self living in an alternate plane of existence likely making dissimilar decisions on their paths of life.

Newton’s law of motion says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  That old law of physics seems to hold true in our physical world. But in those other planes of existence, do those same laws hold true? Some of the mystics would consider Newtonian laws out the window when delving into areas like clairvoyance and telekinesis. Sometimes things just happen that cannot be explained and are subsequently dismissed by the experts as coincidence.

A very long time ago, someone wanted me to help them with a project and I was instantly repulsed by something I couldn’t see, touch, taste or smell. I mentioned to my colleague at the time that if I would be somehow dragged into associating myself with that person, there would come a no good end. Yet even today, I clearly remember the feeling and how adamant I was about the situation. Years have passed and I still happen upon that person on occasion and find my guard going up each and every time.

I met with two of the most delightful people today whom are truly genuine to the point of wishing I had become acquainted with them years ago. In visiting with them, I discovered that we have walked similar paths filled with a few potholes here and there. Perhaps this is what sets them apart from many others who have not experienced much adversity in their lives and really don’t know what real highs and lows are.

I’m convinced it is important to experience the full swing of the pendulum; but once felt, it is better to slow down the pendulum swing in order to get on with enjoying life at a more comfortable speed. Speaking of off-world sights, I took the above photo early this morning of a cloud formation over Mason City. Very scary!

Joe Chodur

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