Tattoos and Drop Crotches

Tattoos-and-Drop-CrotchesWith the arrival of the heat and humidity, we see the return of the scantily clad people out walking the streets.  From every direction I look at the situation, I can’t seem to understand why so many people attempt to look their worst when out in public.  It’s not just Mason City or North Iowa, it’s everywhere.  I was with clients quite a bit today, and couldn’t help but notice while going from point A to point B, the number of young people with highly visible tattoos.  With the rage still being on with the drop crotch trousers, there is even more exposure to otherwise hidden tattoos.

There was a young man who was likely in his early 20s walking down the street mid-morning several days ago.  I just glanced at him, and with that glance, I noticed his neck and part of his cheeks covered with tattoos.   I’m not so sure he’s going to have an easy time finding a job where he has any contact with customers.  I would think it would sort of send mixed signals about the company.
I can’t wait to see what it would be like when viewing someone who is wearing drop crotch jeans trying to hold an umbrella in a rain storm and carry something relatively heavy with the other hand.  I do hope he has several large diaper safety pins at his disposal to keep his jeans above the point of indecency.

Whenever I’m out with my Mother and she sees someone with many visible tattoos, the look of disbelief in her eyes is priceless.  Her normal response is, “Don’t they know what those tattoos are going to look like when they get old?”  Perhaps a well written ad campaign of elderly men and women with vintage tattoos would cause many to think twice about having themselves permanently “inked”.

Fads come and go—and some stay a bit longer than we care to have hanging around.
I can’t wait until tattoos and drop crotch jeans fall out of style and people decide that looking their best is far better that looking their worst.

Joe Chodur

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