Bloodhound Nose and Elephant Memory

Bloodhound-Nose-and-Elephant-MemoryFor it being Father’s Day, I found myself a bit more busy with real estate than I had expected. I don’t know why I consider anything other than the unexpected when it comes to my profession. I sort of decided to use today as my marker for the 21 days of creating a habit. The habit I have decided I want to start, is to be as upfront with clients and customers as possible. I’ve pretty much been that way all these years, but not having created a set standard, I can’t say it was something that became a habit.

I was a bit sad that there was only one family that attended my open house today as that particular home would make someone a great place to begin. There’s nearly nothing anyone would have to do other than move in and enjoy. They were showing interest in it and I found that they’re getting their home ready to sell. I would wager they’re not comfortable with the high payments on their home while trying to raise their family.

I walked over to the Post Office to mail some letters this afternoon and ran into a dear old client of mine. We were talking about nearly everything and I commented that I enjoyed her because she is completely without guile. I was shocked when she told me that she liked me because I stand out in the crowd by being flamboyant. Well, I guess I’ll have to start being a bit more careful in my choice of neckties and apparel. Diminished flamboyance will have to be my mindset when dressing in the morning.

It’s quite remarkable at times to hear how others perceive us. I’ve been tagged many names over the years by people who thought they knew my modus operandi when speaking about me in the public sector. Just by mentioning this, some of the names are coming back to me now.

I had a really great laugh several times on Friday when in working with two different clients; one of them mentioned that she was so surprised by my memory of people and homes. I simply said, “When it comes to real estate, most of the time I have the memory of an elephant.” Later that day, when speaking to another about smells in homes, that client was surprised how acute my sense of smell is. I simply told him that most of the time, I have a very good nose. So, at the end of Friday, I mentioned to yet another that I have the nose of a Bloodhound and the memory of an Elephant! We all got a good hearty laugh out of it. What a great way to end the day!

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