Chicken Man

chickenmanHearing the buzzing of lawn mowers and hammers on rooftops, I would venture to say we are well into our summer months of lawn and garden care as well as exterior home maintenance. With the North wind keeping the temperatures down, I found myself finding even the smallest of reasons to be outside. I absolutely love being out when the sun is bright and the humidity low.

I can’t say I was very happy to hear early this afternoon that a closing wouldn’t be taking place that was scheduled. I had to call the seller who was traveling from Minneapolis and deliver the bad news. It seems there are people who have done their job for a number of years, and still not be able to streamline the process. I call them “lint” workers. They float around all day without real direction until it becomes crisis time. I really do work at being a gentleman, but today I had a several strong words for the people involved in this delay. What I will never be able to understand, is how people who do basically the same job year in and year out, not having themselves standardized with the processes of what it takes to get a home to close in a reasonable amount of time. I guess that will be one of the unexplainable mysteries of the universe.

I had an appointment out of town this evening which took me to the town of Plymouth. As I was driving there, I was remembering the articles and television stories about a man who moved to Plymouth not long ago and wanted to raise chickens in his yard. He went to the lengths of dressing up like a chicken and stood at the corner of one of the major roads going through Plymouth and waved at passersbys. I guess he was making a point with the community about allowing chickens to be raised there. I understand after several town council meetings, the town law was changed and subsequently granted him his request. Sounds a bit like an oxymoron. A courageous chicken got the job done.

I wonder if he used to listen to that radio program called Chicken Man where there was a man dressed like who fought evil and corruption on a daily basis. I always remember the ending of the program where the audience would scream, “It’s Chicken Man….He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!” One never knows, we may see chicken suited men and women out creating more administrative changes in the future. Somebody has to get the job done. Right?

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