21 Days

21-daysToday was indeed the swing of the pendulum of personalities of people with whom I encountered. Not so long after I arrived at the office, I received a phone call from someone who was wanting to pick up a check. I told him the check was waiting and to stop by and pick it up. When he arrived, I gave him the check and thought he’d be leaving, but he must have had some time to kill as he was finding things to talk about. Most of it was about the state of our economy as well as all the freebies people seem to be able to get compliments of our government. I know there are major socio-economic issues on a grand scale that we will be faced with in the future, but I’m just not sure I like hearing about them so often. I went on to say my motto for life in our times, is to simply prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Was a bit glad when he did leave as I was becoming a bit overwhelmed by the thoughts he was invoking in me.

Around noontime, a dear elderly client who moved into the Manor stopped by to see how things were going. She mentioned the longer she is living downtown, the more she likes it. She’s also taken it upon herself to pick up as many cigarette butts and litter she can find in the block. I do so much dislike people flinging their spent cigarettes on the sidewalks and streets. It is so not good for impressionable visitors to our city. There is a woman who sits across the street on a bench every day and smokes. The way in which she throws the butt in such a very determined manner, it would cause one to wonder if it’s a form of exercise.

A showing this afternoon brought all the joy back into my day. The buyer is one of the most genuine people I know. I have yet to hear him say anything negative about anyone in a cutting way. He always seems to take the high road in even the darkest of situations. I do hope after he purchases a home, we continue to keep in contact. I am convinced that if everyone in a community would make a concerted effort be kind, thoughtful and truly caring, there would be a marked change in outlook. I would love to see if the 21 day effect would work in this area. It is said, if you do something every day for 21 days, then it becomes a habit. Sounds like a experiment worth pursuing within our community. Maybe we all can start fixing the problems of the world with one set of 21 days at a time.

Joe Chodur

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