The Love of Ragtops

The-Love-of-RagtopsSummer brings out many seasonal delights, and one of my favorites is seeing someone driving a convertible. Perhaps it goes back to the years prior to being one and twenty when a friend of mine from school owned a red Mustang convertible. She was from a relatively affluent family and likely her parents purchased the car for her. Every time I would see her driving it, she always seemed to have a carefree smile along with an upbeat sense of direction and purpose. She was a bit daring at times when driving it and seemed to relish the rubber-neck looks she would get from bystanders.

I’m sure you all can recall many of your favorite movies that included a convertible as one of the props. I think ragtops inspires a sense of freedom as well as sensuality in us. Nearly all of us can romanticize being the owner of one, or can think of simply charming people who own one. It’s all part of the daring wild side in us all.

I remember an older cousin of mine whose friend owned a convertible and listening to him tell stories at the time about their mischievous escapades in the night. Some of the stories caused me to blush a few times. It’s no wonder why many parents find infinite reasons why they will not allow their teenage children to own one. Likely they had a few risque stories of their own to never tell. I have to admit, there have been times in the past that I came close to purchasing one, but the practical side of me won out.

I was at a later showing tonight with customers who were driving a ragtop. I’m sure I kept them far longer than they would have liked simply due to my getting on the subject of their convertible. Knowing them enough, I would consider they are more of the free-spirit type who think out of the box and are not afraid of taking risks. That’s what gives our lives color as well as depth. Most of us want take a ride on the wild side once in a while so we can create memories and smile about them in our golden years. The next time you’re out on the road and happen upon someone driving a convertible, take a closer look and think about yourselves in the car driving down your memory making highway.

Perhaps you’ll be smitten with the love ragtops.

Joe Chodur

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