The Mother of Invention

Mourning-doveThe more the world seems to evolve into this megalopolis of wall to wall humanity, we find that space is becoming a commodity. How many times have you visited a large city and found yourself having the feeling of being a bit of a speck of dust in the whole picture of it all? I spoke with a gentleman today who is planning on moving back here from a southern metro area simply because he can’t endure the freeways and noise of the city any longer. He feels as though life around him is speeding up and he can’t keep up with it. I’ve heard this a number of times over these past years. Children sometimes wish for their aging parents to move close to them, but when they do, there isn’t as much time spent together as was expected. The parents then find themselves in a new and sometimes scary environment where adjustments must be made to survive.

More and more I’m encouraging the elderly to stay in the area as much as possible where most of their daily lives are filled with familiar people and places. Yes, I hear how many dislike the mounting challenges of winter with the passing years. One of my dear clients decided at the end of this past grueling winter to sell her home and move into an apartment where all the maintenance is done by the landlord. The buyer of her home is happy and she’s happy. She can lock her apartment door and go on little trips whenever she wants without worrying about mowing, shoveling or possible break-downs of major appliances. I think it’s great for retirees to get out of Dodge for at least two weeks during the worst of our winters. It seems to be a bit like spending time at a delightful rest stop while making a long journey.

The winter is then more enduring. Another one of my clients who’s found she can’t navigate the stairs of her two story home any longer, decided to install a residential chair lift. She’s completely satisfied with the new addition to her home. To continue enjoying life to its fullest, we must sometimes force ourselves to make changes in our surroundings. Some are big, while others are simple minor adjustments. Big tasks can often times become less daunting as long as we stay focused and keep plugging away. I happened to spy a Mourning Dove who decided to make her nest in the most unconventional spot. Remember, sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.

Joe Chodur

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