SEA_2334Each year I am finding it more and more an anomaly which has become widespread throughout most of the world. What I speak about is texting. I understand the concept as well as the reasons for people doing it, but there is something else that is happening that causes me to wonder where it will all end.

For example, many of the Realtors, especially the younger ones, text on a regular basis. What I’m finding quite annoying are agents texting me about something that they could just as easily have called me about. Today was a day in which I received an above average number of texts and all of them were from Realtors. I find it a bit annoying due to the likelihood they are at their office and have free access to a phone. Some of the texts I receive are not the most readable as well as a bit on the rude side. I couldn’t begin to count how many times I’ve asked people when leaving a message on their cell phone regarding something or other to return the phone call, and a short time later I receive a text from them.

My personal opinion on this new form of communication running wild in our country, is that people are growing more and more distant from each other. They seem to be creating meta-physical islands where they prefer not to have any vocal and sometimes physical contact. Each time I see someone texting while in a car, I become quite disturbed with their lack of safety on the road. I’m convinced far more auto accidents are caused by cell phones than anyone could ever imagine. I can also see how text messages could mis-communicate an idea or mood. Some of the messages I receive are so short and bordering on rudeness, I have to give the texter the benefit of my doubt and consider the source.

As we all know conversations can be interpreted in different ways based on tone, inflection, and volume. Several of my clients and customers have informed me that they will not respond to text messages simply because they consider texting impersonal. I’m afraid that humanity is growing more and more distant and anti-social to a point where common public interaction becomes difficult simply from disuse. I was paying a bill this morning at an office and was shocked to find the young woman not even uttering a salutation or even looking at me. When I asked for a receipt, she didn’t even acknowledge my request. I walked out with my receipt and thought, “I wonder how she would survive selling Girl Scout cookies door to door.” I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she’s suffering from Textmania.

Joe Chodur

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