Consider Every Angle

finchThe migratory birds are returning! Nearly all of us have come to realize that the return of the birds is one of the harbingers of Spring. Over the weekend I noticed three turkey vultures circling high above Willow Creek. I happened to mention that fact to some people at my open house on Sunday and they had not so kind remarks about them. Of course I rushed to the defense of these mis-understood birds.

Vultures do NOT kill other animals. They only eat carrion. Whenever you see them circling above, there is likely something dead in the area that they are zoning in on with their acute sense of smell. During the summer, I see them perched on one of grain elevators downtown with their outstretched wings glistening in the morning sun. Towards sunset, I see them perched high above on KIMT’s radio tower. I’ve often thought how fortunate they are to be able to leisurely glide around Mason City taking in all the hustle and bustle below. From their heights we likely look like ants scurrying about.

Whenever I see people scolding a dog for not “seeing” something they want their dog to go and fetch, I think to myself, “Hmm…don’t you people realize how many feet you are above them?” I could never quite understand why educated adults don’t realize that the higher you are above, the more you will likely see what’s below. When I was growing up, we had the most loving watch dog. She was extremely protective yet adored attention. Sometimes when she would bark at something out in the fields and I couldn’t see it, I would lower myself to her eye level in an attempt to see what she was seeing. Most times it worked. In our daily lives, without consideration of alternatives, we carry on our routine of living on our familiar plains of existence. I do know some who at times seem to be soaring above the trees, and others who prefer to be entrenched “under the sidewalk”.

I was reminded of these ideas when I snapped a photo of the Finch in tonight’s article. He was likely the look-out for the others feeding on the ground. Before we become dismissive on what we believe to be true and accurate, take a few moments and consider every angle.

Joe Chodur

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