Discordant Chatter

pianoWhenever I’ve had an epiphany about something, it seems to be hard-coded into my brain and when I find myself in a situation where that newly realized attribute occurs, I bristle. There are always those people around us that have their little quirks and we learn to accept them because they are who they are and likely they consider us to have our slight idiosyncrasies. The internal bristling begins with me when people whom I know either as friends, relatives, or colleagues veer off in a conversation and begin a sort of repeat of like words I’ve heard before. Nearly all have been alerted in as pleasant a way as possible, that I don’t want to hear it. I’m not sure if there really are that many naughty monkeys out there that get a sort of sick joy out of purposely annoying others. I speak about this today because it happened twice with people that have been told far more than once.

The first occurrence was when a person whom I’ve known for a long time stopped by the office inquiring about a property. From the moment he walked in, and up to the moment he walked out, all I heard from him were subtle insults about nearly everyone and everything. The ten minutes he was there seemed like hours because of the repeat of what I’ve heard before. I finally told him I had work to finish and was running short on time. The second time today was a call from a business person whom I can say without question has more than once been the recipient of my nearly never used razor sharp responses to his badgering. It will likely continue in the future because some years ago I informed him that I was not going to accept his form of verbalizing with me.

I place people like these in a category of bad tones or annoying dis-cords. I’m sure you all have heard little children attempting to “play” a piano. At first it’s a bit funny, but after a while it grates the nerves.  I learned in not so short a time why some pianos have locks on the key lids. Too bad we can’t have an invisible key to close the lid on some of those around us who bang away with their discordant chatter.

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