Only Once

Only-OnceI am believing more and more that we are living in a society that encourages parents as well as their children to be under the belief that they are owed a living by the remainder of society. Too often over these past years I’ve sold investment property to investors which at times had tenants living in them who were on some type of government assistance. I know there are people with families that have fallen on hard times who do need help getting back on their feet. There are always bumps in our roads of life, but I’m not convinced that we should so freely assist people who’ve long past overcome their crisis years, and yet still on the programs. I will never forget an apartment building I was showing several years ago. It had three separate units and each unit I entered, I found quite the sight. The first one had paths of bicycle parts and piles of clothes nearly everywhere. Every window in the apartment was heavily darkened by fabric. I couldn’t even see the kitchen sink due to the amount of dishes and food all over the countertops. The gentleman who was living there couldn’t have been any older than 25. The next apartment had a couple living there who were likely in their late forties. The stuffed animals, posters, pictures, dolls and furniture pressing against furniture. The last one was occupied by a single parent whose likely teenage children enjoyed punching holes in the walls and doors as well as removing strike plates from the doors. Oh, and I must not forget mention that every one of those three units had cats, dogs, or both.

I can’t begin to understand the whys and hows these living environments are allowed to exist; especially when our government is doing the funding. I have no idea where they get the money for their touch screen cell phones, laptop computers, and big screen televisions as well as all the mega-mall bargain junk they have all over their houses and apartments. I used to be under the assumption that people needing assistance had their finances heavily scrutinized and given only enough to provide a safe, sound and secure environment—not a life long free ride. Someone told me some months ago that once you’re in the “system” it’s harder to get out than getting in.

I believe tough love needs to be re-established in that if rules are broken, they need be warned only once, and if it should continue, they would then be kicked out of the programs.

Joe Chodur

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