Ice Peckers

Ice_PeckersToday was one of the worst days of ice covered streets and sidewalks that I have experienced in years.  Because it has been so cold after our most recent wet snow storm, the snow has turned to snow packed ice. Too many times these past two days I have seen so many people sliding through intersections with their vehicles due their not being able to stop. So many of our residents have forgotten to drive more slowly and carefully when road and street conditions are like this. I have used several gallons of the quartzite granules on some of my listings as well as outside my office. I’m very surprised that more residents and business owners are not using it. I consider it far too dangerous to be without it.

Believe me, I felt like a greased pig on ice trying to get my open house signs placed at several of the intersections this morning. I was hoping I wasn’t going to take a fall like I did three days ago in front of my office. I was just minding my own business working away at chipping the ice from the curb and suddenly I slipped, and down I went. I’ve been wondering if just allowing one’s self to fall is better than catching yourself because of the way I found myself contorted and balancing my body with one hand on the pavement before I was able to become upright. Oh Mercy, I have aches and pains from muscles that have likely never been stretched to the point they were during that amateur contortionist act. Since I was wearing my long black cashmere coat, I wouldn’t doubt that a passerby thought me a wannabe batman trying to fly. I’m sure at least one person had the giggles. Today, I happened upon a homemade iron bird made from scrap metal which I thought so cute that I was compelled to snap a photo of it. My only thought was, “If only we had computerized/mechanical versions of these birds, we would have ice-free streets and sidewalks. Not only would they do a superb job, but they would as well be fun to watch. I want a mechanical/computerized ice pecker for Christmas!

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