Naughty Monkeys

Naughty-MonkeysI’m sure everyone who’s been reading my past articles remember me speaking about the naughty monkeys in our society. Well, after one of the happenings today, I guess everyone should have an idea what I consider some of their actions. With this horrible snow storm and people being without power for hours and the snow plows working likely all night, I encountered the workings of a naughty monkey. I help take care of several of my dear clients properties only because I think the world of them. When I went to shovel at one of them early this morning, I found that the neighbor had pushed and piled all of the snowy slush on my client’s sidewalk. That was naughty monkey at work.

While I was there, I could see the neighbors watching me from their window. They came out several times for a smoke and likely to get a better look at me chipping away the icy snow. I was only thinking to myself when glancing at them, “How do you even think you are hurting me or my client? You are nothing more than reflections of humanity.” I would far rather pay forward than pay back.

With that said, the photo I’ve posted tells it all. I see an ugly and crotchety person who has perched on his or her head a garishly evil monkey with a very long tail. I believe this naughty monkey has trained its host to do its bidding. Pretty scary don’t you think? I’ve been chided many times over the years for being too generous. Well, I would rather be remembered for being selfless than selfish. There are far too many naughty monkeys living amongst to even think of adding one more.

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