Only in Good Taste

GraffitiHaving had extended conversations with a handful of clients these past days, I can certainly say that too many of us are not looking at the whole picture when it comes to improvements on homes and buildings. I’m convinced without resign that improving something that has not been altered much since construction, is far easier to upgrade than the “layering” of the feeble attempts at improving those structures. In some countries, care of ownership of nearly anything owned is a reflection on the owner. Over the years, I have been personally acquainted with business owners who’ve owned and leased minimal at best offices and would later go home to plush homes. I’ve always thought that a bit odd because it appeared to me they considered their businesses completely separate entities from themselves. I have a dear client who owns upscale rentals here in Mason City who once told me, “I will never have a tenant living in something that I wouldn’t live in myself.” Now that is the spirit of stewardship of one’s surroundings.

I smile to myself every time when someone for the first time walks into my office. They are quite taken by its interior. I even remember those who automatically want to take their shoes off for fear of getting salty snow on the wooden floors. I would never ask anyone to take their shoes off, but even the “consideration” from soulful clients and customers is well remembered. We should never do anything on behalf of the “look at me” idea, but rather the idea of tenants, clients, and customers feeling at home in an environment where big decisions are being made. Today I noticed a businessman’s worn elbows on his shirt. I thought to myself, “How did he not notice the condition of his shirt?” I guess it’s like long term owners of homes not noticing the extended wear on kitchens and bathrooms.

I took a photo of a door downtown today that sickened me a bit as well as angry. That particular set of doors I’ve admired for many years, and just this past year they’ve been plastered with graffiti. My take on this form of so-called art is that someone needs to give these people either some charcoal or a set of water colors and paper to start creating real beauty. Every time I see trains as of late, I am mortified by the graffiti on the rail cars. Absolutely naughty! Some of the language I see under the attempts of spray-overs is appalling. While writing this, I remember one of Oscar Wilde’s little comments. He said, “I’ve decided that there is nothing moral or immoral in this world; It’s all done in either good taste or bad.” I will leave you to consider whether this photo is in good taste or bad.

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