Climbing the Ladder of Green

Ladder-of-GreenEven though we may think this winter’s endless, we’ll soon be entering the short month of February. The days are growing longer and the sun is getting warmer. Home buyers are starting to emerge due to what I consider to be cabin fever. The interest rates are still favorable and hopefully will remain that way the rest of the year. Now is indeed the time to buy before the weather gets better and the full force of buyers will be out and the better homes will already be taken. Now’s also the time to start planning for this year’s growing season. It really does help to take ones mind off the cold and darkness. When showing homes, I love to see sellers growing plants indoors. They always seem to add a touch of cheer to the space. I have noticed fewer owners growing live plants. I believe part of this trend is due to people, especially the young, believing they don’t have the knack for keeping plants healthy. Plants really don’t need that much attention as long as they have appropriate pot size, enough water, sunlight, and nutrients. It’s better to water less during the winter months rather than too much because most plants consider this period their time of rest. Something I learned long ago, and I’ve started putting back into practice, is to save-over geraniums for the following year. I spoke about this practice to one of my dear elderly clients who is way past ninety years young and she said to me, “You’re too young to know about such things!” Oh, how funny! What I didn’t have the heart to tell her was that I am also causing them to multiply. It’s really quite rewarding to see something grow with a little encouragement. I hope everyone will start learning to climb the ladder of going green. If you take good care in each step on the ladder, and I’m quite certain you will be on the top of the ladder of green.

Joe Chodur

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