Wind that Bites

Wind-that-BitesOn appointment today I encountered a charming older gentleman whom I have known for a very long time. He is a true gentle man whom I could listen to for hours on end telling extremely interesting stories of life on the farm, life in his job, and the lives of others around him. I could tell by his voice that he was about to say something without resign. His comment was, “I don’t ever remember having such a bad winter.” I had to laugh to myself when one of my dear quirky clients/customers commented today that we were due for a bad winter since last winter was so mild. I almost had a jaw-drop! I said to her, “You evidently forgot about the over six foot tall snow banks last winter and the snow storms that wouldn’t stop. The one we had the first days of May was enough to send me into orbit!” Her comment was, “Oh, you’re right I guess I forgot about that.” We just have to love them don’t we? Since America is growing older and the baby-boomers are at the height of their retirement years, I can’t help but wonder if the generations following will have similar work ethics, similar social standards, and similar codes of ethics within families and communities. I can’t seem to get the idea out of my mind that social change starts within the family and community units. I have relatives who can’t seem to do enough for their children and grandchildren. In my mind they are creating narcissistic monsters. Each time I speak on this subject I am reminded of an elderly business person speaking about her grandchildren. I was stooped with laughter when she said, “I’m convinced children are like monkeys because they all have to be trained.” Oh my goodness, that was a mouthful! My idea of good narcissism is that if any one person can raise themselves selflessly and soulfully above the crowd, then they truly are special. Someone told me several weeks ago something that I will never forget. Her comment was, 
“I don’t consider success as having anything to do with the materials of our world, but rather the number of lessons truly learned.” Believe me, I have learned my lessons well on what happens when I’m out working in the wind that bites.

Joe Chodur

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