Behind the Frosted Glass Door

Glass-DoorI had a wonderful conversation with several buyers today and the verbal exchange with one of them turned to a conversation regarding how at times when she wakes in the night by some worrisome thought, it almost always comes true. I told her she must have an acute form of intuition. Over the years, I’ve heard many stories and experienced many things that were far beyond what one would consider coincidence or be within the laws of chance. There was a gentleman of many years ago whom I became acquainted with and indeed taken by listening to his experiences with what most of us would consider stories from the “other side”. I may possibly start telling in time all of my readers some of those stories he shared with me. I will likely save the most hair-raising for last. Since being a Realtor before most of the trees arrived, I can say I have noticed and registered within my mind some of the repeats of houses being sold and re-sold in short periods of time. Every time I show a home that has gone thru mega-multiple ownerships, I walk thru the home and think to myself, “What form of discord caused the owners to sell?” I could go into a great debate about the whys and hows of the revolving doors of a home being sold within short frames of time. But again, I won’t. I make every effort to keep my buyers apprised of the histories of the homes they are buying. I believe it’s only right. Just this past year, someone said to me, “Why do you care about the buyers? Just write the offer!” I was shocked and hurt by that response because I wouldn’t want to do anything to anyone that I wouldn’t want done to me. As my Mother would say, “It’s just not right!” Getting back to my clairvoyant gentleman. One of his comment to me was, “Have you ever considered how thin the frosted glass membrane is between our world and likely other worlds?” What made me sad as well as delighted was what he said, and I think I believe. “When you walk thru that frosted glass door; you are on the other side.” Now that was something to consider about for a very long time. I’m still wondering what is behind that frosted glass door.

Joe Chodur

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