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springWhile I was at my open house today and in between buyers arriving, I found time to really understand why I find that home so terribly attractive. There are two features that make that home special. The first is that it has a very open living/dining area which is larger than normal. It gives one the sense of great space. Secondly and most importantly, the home has all new thermal windows. And believe me, by the look of them, they are of high quality. There is a very wide picture window in the dining room overlooking the rear yard and there is a similarly wide picture window in the living room overlooking the front yard. Standing in the living room, one can look one way and see the back yard and the other way to view the front. The only coverings on the windows are simple but well made pull down blinds which one would close at night. Everyone who viewed the home today was amazed by the comfort and beauty it afforded. I’m certain the windows had a great deal to do with it. I can’t understand why people who have large windows with great views and tend to nearly always have heavy curtains, blinds, or drapes over them all day long. I know people like to have their privacy during the evening, but I can’t understand why they have to have their windows covered all day and every day. I truly believe that natural light inspires creativity as well as incentive. Long ago, my sister and I had the opportunity to visit several of the Nordic countries. For cities that were nearly on the top of the world, their windows were tall and coverlet free. Remembering my elementary school days in a turn-of-the-century school, I can say without question that the tall windows were a comfort in offering natural light to the students. Whenever there were dark and rainy days and the overhead lights were turned on, it always felt as though there was a missing dimension in the room. I now wonder if the other students had the same opinion. I’ve been acquainted with a very knowledgable gentleman here in Mason City for many years and once when we were talking about windows and light he said, “I absolutely cannot tolerate being in a room for very long that has no windows or rooms with drapes closed.” He went on to say, “I can’t seem to function at my best when the room is void of natural light.” I now smile to myself remembering that because when I began the restoration of my office building, I insisted that there would be as much natural light present as possible. Hopefully this summer the front of my building will be restored and the new upper transom windows will once again filter light back into my building.

We all should work at removing the heavy drapes and cumbersome blinds and start lighting up our lives with inspirations. Remember…Spring is just a few short months away.

Joe Chodur

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