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BloomingIn the midst of attempting to keep myself from being flash frozen every time I ventured outside today, I was in a non-stop mode of staying positive. Once again, being in the elements more than expected due to last minute calls, I found myself out there. Of course as expected when I arrived at the office, were calls about plumbing problems with properties that I help manage. I really wish the general public would think forward and prepare for drastic temperature changes. Being blessed as well as cursed with living on an old-fashioned working farm, I know too well how careful one must be about water pipes. A frozen water line is not good when you have animals. This day awakened memories of when one of my “at home” jobs was to carry pails of water and feed to several buildings filled with animals from the main barn. Those were my years of being baptized in ice. Up and over snow banks and praying that the snow didn’t get down in my boots. I still today, out habit cover my mouth when out in such bitter cold. Breathing very cold air is very much not good. I spoke with a worker today that likely has walking pneumonia due to his belief of being a Super Male. I asked him if he was sick and he told me no, but I could hear from the sound of his voice he has come down with something. We all learn sooner or later. I’m glad that the phone is ringing and business continues even in these days of bitter arctic temps. A young client stopped at the office today and was not in a very good mood regarding living here in Mason City. I reminded him that every rose has its thorns. I didn’t have much empathy for him after he told me he would be in South Florida starting this weekend for seven days. As he walked out I said, “I hope you think of me being trapped here in this weather for at least a half second while you are enjoying yourself on the beach.” His reply was, “I’ll bring you a cup of white sand.” Oh, how funny!

On one of my stops today, I visited a most wonderful elderly man who seems to be able to grow anything and everything. I just wanted to make sure he was comfortable and safe. Well, to my delight I found one of his likely tropical plants in bloom. I was in absolute amazement! I didn’t miss a beat in getting my camera and taking a photo of it. He has no idea how much my attitude about this weather changed upon seeing that succulent in bloom. So, the memory of this article will continue to live as a reminder that even in twenty below zero weather, there is always something blooming in Mason City.

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