Upside-down Darkness

DarknessWhen high winter arrives, there are interesting occurrences that one wouldn’t find in any of the other three seasons of the year. Have you ever noticed how sound seems to travel farther as it gets colder?  Since cold air is more compressed and is heavier, it hangs closer to the earth with the warmer air above it. When someone is speaking at a distance, the sound waves would normally travel straight, but with the cold air, the waves are bent and re-directed downward, so therefore you hear someone speaking at a greater distance than normally. I remember when I was but a young man walking to school in below zero temperatures and being quite annoyed by how noisy my footsteps were. I had a wonderful conversation with a client today about how hard yet wonderful our lives were when we were young. She said something that reminded me of what I’ve said many times and that was, “Life was hard growing up on the farm, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” She spoke about how she and her siblings would sing together while milking the cows and how much more milk they seemed to give. So many wonderful stories we shared and the real laughter that ensued. Hard times can sometimes be the best times—we develop an understanding of sharing and truly caring about the world around us. What I will never forget as long as I live was a comment she made about her parents. “I don’t know how my parents did it. During those terrible winter days, they kept us kids alive as well as all the animals.” I smiled and remembered.  On another note, I found a photo taken sometime ago that I thought would be appropriate in speaking about the quirky things that happen during the winter months. When the clouds are low and the lights from the city are shining, the light is refracted downward. More that once when I was but a younger man I remember walking the fields in an upside-down darkness. I would look down and it was light and look up and it was dark. Now that’s what I would consider upside-down darkness. I hope you all can remember those mysterious nights.

Joe Chodur

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