Improved Sight Reading

eye-chartWe must all congratulate ourselves for having survived another year of living on earth. With the cold creeping into every crack of our lives these past several days, we are reminded once again that in spite of all our technological advances, we still cannot control the weather. Working with new buyers these past weeks, they are learning the nuances of home purchasing as well as what to look for in their respective price ranges. Sometimes I believe buyers think me to be some sort of wizard in knowing the nuts and bolts of homes as well as what possible “land mines” may be lurking there. I showed a home today that is so much waiting for the perfect buyer to realize its intrinsic value that likely it will be purchased by a “flipper”. I just started working with a most delightful young man and his father today. It’s funny how the universe works. I just sent one of my sisters an e-mail several days ago about how I absolutely love working with buyers and sellers that cause me to laugh. I don’t mean that nervous laugh, but that real gut wrenching laugh that brings you to tears from laughter.

I think this young man is more free with his comments because I have worked with his father and other family members over the years. The more we talked about real estate, the more I discovered that this young gentleman has a real sense of humor and makes a clever comment on nearly everything. That’s a real gift. I have a sister who possesses that trait—she’ll never let you have the last word. We found ourselves talking about hunting and eating wild birds and animals. The clever one said, “The one wild bird I don’t like eating is Canada goose. To me its taste reminds me of a flying carp.” Now that was funny. He and his father will be a joy to work with in the home purchasing experiences. After another near crisis on decision making early this morning, I’ve discovered that when one is under real last minute pressure, one sees the whole picture and doesn’t take time to second guess. Most of us when confronted with last moment decisions, cave because of fear. Well, after today I’ve discovered that if one quickly scans the whole picture with near absolute focus, one finds that the decisions were well made and the fear of failure mode didn’t even have time to kick in. Now that’s what I consider improving one’s sight reading.

Joe Chodur

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