A New Beginning

DSC_1620My early afternoon was busy with showing homes to a young gentleman who is moving here from southeastern Minnesota due a new job that he has accepted. So very refreshing to find twenty-something people who are kind, considerate and very much into the natural beauty of the great outdoors. I spent extra time showing him the parks and bike trails that criss-cross our city. He was amazed at the size of East Park and how well it’s maintained. I told him that most of our natives take East Park for granted and forget how fortunate we are to have such a wonderful park system in Mason City. He will indeed be delighted when Spring arrives and find endless places to hike and bike. He’s also very much into face to face contact with people offering goods and services. I thought to myself when he was leaving how wonderful it would be if we could encourage more and more people of twenty-something to either move here or stay here. Yes, we do at times have evil winters, but don’t roses always have to have a few thorns? I did warn him about living in the flatlands in high winter. When someone is coming out of the hills that protect against the windchill and moving to an area where nearly nothing stops the wind, care must be taken. One thing that I’ve been noticing more and more with young clients and customers is that the perfect world for them is to own a home site large enough to have animals. Perhaps we are slowly returning to the basics where we are more in tune with the natural world around us. Working with another younger-than-me customer today, mentioned something that I will always remember. He said, “I haven’t owned a television in years.” He went on to say, “I consider myself the best form of entertainment.” The more I thought about it, the more I was “wowed” by his comment. I’m sure he is too busy creating instead of being bothered by passive activities like watching TV for hours on end. Just one day after Christmas I found myself working with two people who are on their separate roads to new beginnings.

Joe Chodur

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