The Longest Night

Longest_NightAs we all know, today was the shortest day of daylight. Every year, I become more an more anxious about the winter solstice arriving because I just can’t seem to wait for the days to start growing longer. Since the Bronze Age, and likely before, the humans have created festivals for this time of year to give them hope that the sun will begin its march back north until it reaches its peak on June 21st. The sun was especially important because of the life it created. Many considered it the time of re-birth and renewal as well as the mysticism of lighted candles and torches. Can you imagine hundreds and possibly thousands of people during the time of the Druids huddling together with campfires and torches waiting for the sun to rise on December 21st at exactly a point between two giant stones they erected in Stonehenge? Likely they were as well, filled with anxiety in hopes that the sun would continue to bless them and return as promised in the same fashion as it did for hundreds of years before. I sometimes compare all the exterior Christmas lighting to those waiting campfires and torches. I wonder whatever happened to the fabricated wreaths with the electrified candles that people used to place in their windows. Some had white candle bulbs and others had red. I really did like how those homes with all their windows decorated with lighted candles. It was a simple beauty that spoke of each window offering but one candle to those who passed. It must have had some connection with the days before electricity when someone would be away in the night. If one would fall asleep, then at least there would be a lighted candle in the window facing the road welcoming them. Cranking that thought forward, has anyone ever said to you, “I’ll have the porch light on for you when you arrive.”? Yes, there are many things we do without thought that is attached some way to things that were done likely over a100 years ago. I can’t wait to have the exterior of my building finished beginning this coming Spring because when it’s finished, I will have the most note-worthy permanent lights installed on the exterior that will hopefully create a welcoming glow for anyone who is looking for but one beacon of light during their longest night.

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