More Right than Wrong

In today’s age of information, we find ourselves being bombarded with nearly non-stop information. I consider some days at a near overload of information. What has become quite the standard is that most of the news that is filtering into our brains is far too negative. We seem to become obsessed with the negative side of people, places, and events. Far too often I hear someone speaking harshly about someone else and if I didn’t personally know the person being bashed, I would think he or she a terrible person. Industry colleagues of mine are equally to blame. They spew what I consider to be mindless and chattery gossip, and it becomes quite tedious for me at times. What really brought this seemingly new way of life to my attention and how we all have grow used to it, is that yesterday, a buyer’s father who was accompanying his wife and son in viewing a property happened to mention something to me that will stick with me for a very long time. He remarked after looking at the property for the second time and just as we were walking out, he said, “Joe, I really think this home has more right going for it than wrong.” Wow, that was a statement! So very refreshing to find someone looking for the positive features of something rather than the negative. I have some rock solid homes listed and I grow very weary at times listening to buyers finding “negative features” with the homes. We see it time and time again where naïve buyers have purchased candy-wrapped and fully staged homes that are in my book, minimal at best. I have always said and will continue to say, “A good home sells itself; the only thing I am is the facilitator.” With that said, I do hope we all step back and look for the good in people, places, and things rather than the negatives. No person or thing is perfect—that’s what is truly so special about life in general. So, after several hours of negotiating today, the son of the gentleman who made the comment I will never forget, purchased his first home and everyone is happy. I will attempt to work at looking for the “more right than wrong” in every situation I find myself.

Joe Chodur

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