Good Years and Bad

SEA_1339-EditSome writings have mentioned that we all in our lives go thru decades of things seemingly going well and others filled with above normal struggles. It has also been said that we endure nearly all of the life’s sorrows either in our youth, our middle years, or in our end years. Having worked with so many families over these long years of being a Realtor, I have seen families experiencing the good years and bad years. I was out viewing an acreage this morning and happened to see a gentleman hunter getting into his vehicle. I worked with his parents as well as he and his wife off and on over the years. I can say without a doubt that he as well experienced some years of sadness in his middle years with having great problems with his marriage as well as his children. Once at my office he mentioned that he would never have expected his life to have come to such days of sadness and stress. The only encouragement that I could give him at that time was by saying, “Our lives are in a constant state of change. We have our good years and our bad with familiar doors being closed upon us. The key is to look for new doors opening for us rather than waiting for familiar doors to re-open.” The only time I truly enjoy talking about the past is when speaking about something that was comical or reminders of learned lessons. Yes, we do have to remind ourselves of past mistakes.

I try to not forget something that one of my teachers announced to a class of which I was a student. She said, “Forget the past because it is dead! Worry only about what you do today because tomorrow will always take care of itself.” This instructor was one of my favorites. Some think that I am a wizard when it comes to plants. In real world I cannot take the credit. I just understand that plants just as the animals and humans have their good times and their bad as well as a few quirks thrown in for good measure. While viewing that acreage today, I happened upon a Red Oak tree with a single straight younger branch reaching towards the heavens. Below that younger growth, I found what appeared as an upright fallen log but it was still alive! I can imagine the years and years of stress this tree endured yet continued to grow. Another lesson learned today regarding good years and bad. The photo posted here is of that very tree.

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