On a Clear Day

SEA_1305We all here in North Iowa should consider ourselves terribly lucky in not having to fight with treacherous weather while traveling to loved ones for Thanksgiving celebrations. Yes, it is cold and windy but at least the sun is shining. Our family has, and likely always will attend a church service on Thanksgiving. While at the church early this morning, and being visually reminded we are approaching the Winter Solstice, I noticed how the low light was casting shadows thru the stained glass windows onto the walls with silhouettes of different colors of light and form. It was quite spiritually moving. I can imagine how generations before us worked to bring as much light into the homes and buildings as possible due to the lack of electricity during the dark days—especially the long dark winter days. I think more of the general public have psychological problems due to the lack of natural sunlight than they want to admit. Have any of you noticed how you feel, as well as others around you when there are extended dark days? This is yet another reason we all should be thankful for living in North Iowa because most of the time, clouds don’t linger here very long due to the nearly always breezy and windy days. The wind drives the clouds away. So very many years ago I spent nearly a year in California working at a bank. Yes, the weather was pleasant but the endless gray days of Winter were un-nerving.

Having again the opportunity to spend time with loved ones on this nearly perfectly clear day has given me an assurance that once we get past the 21st of December, we will see the days begin to grow longer and the sun shining brighter. Most people who work with the general public “know” that there are times of the year when customers can be the most trying. My heart goes out to every service person who has to perform services for clients or customers during the days of darkness. Some develop skins of Armadillos and are not affected, while others just hope that sunny and clear days quickly arrive.

Joe Chodur

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