Giving Thanks

I do hope everyone here in Mason City and North Iowa make time tomorrow to take a moment during their get togethers with family and friends and reflect on all the things that we have to be thankful for in our lives. Mason City is on the threshold of moving to the next level of progress in our downtown area as well as the community as a whole. I have had several conversations with a corporate entity who is considering opening a store here in Mason City. Several of the things she mentioned were likely stilted statistics that were provided by an out-sourced company. She was even more surprised that I corrected her on some of those statistics. I’m confident that we will see the business and employment environment improve even more in the coming year. There are key business people who are now taking on bigger and better projects and willing to spend the time and money to bring them to a reality. As I mentioned before, I have visited many communities in North Iowa and Southern Minnesota and I can say without a doubt that we are on the right path. We should be thankful to have our very progressive minded Chamber of Commerce Director, our delightfully innovative Main Street Mason City Director, our City Administrator whom we all really need to be even more thankful for, our Parks and Recs Department who continue to make our leisure areas even more pleasing, and finally all the countless volunteers who provide time, treasure, and talent to much of the back room work that it takes to keep projects working. I give a great bow to all of them and anyone else who wants the best for our community. I was just now playing with a word in my mind. That word being “community”. Now take that word and split it. It creates comm unity. Looking at it now, I understand the core of being part of a community. We come together in unity. With that said, coming together in unity we have many minds and hands making far little work. I will personally take time early tomorrow morning and quietly give thanks for being a part of our wonderful community.

Joe Chodur

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