Winter’s Chill

Don’t we all wish our blood would thicken overnight and we are automatically used to these cold days? We seem to hold our coats tighter and walk a little faster to escape the evil winds blowing thru our community. As I have mentioned in a past article, the one thorn of living in our most endearing North Iowa is when Winter arrives. I have a client who lives in likely two Seasons of the year above Duluth Minnesota. She keeps insisting that I learn to love Winter because there is so much to do outside. Urgh! They don’t live in the flatlands and indeed are not able to escape the winds of winter so easily.  Since I have been terribly ugly about Winter these past years, I have decided that I will escape from my job one of these overly windy and cold Winter days and drive out to Eastern Iowa. The tall hills there are certainly a comfort to all who live in that area. I had the opportunity to visit a once upon time friend who’s family farm was in the East, and I can certainly say that Eastern Iowa doesn’t have nearly the brutal winters we have here. Yes, it’s cold everywhere in upper Iowa, but we all know that the wind creates a huge difference in how long we can be outside. That’s why the Meteorologists created “wind chill”. It seems that I have been blessed as well as cursed by the north winds in Downtown Mason City. I have spent nearly all of my working life dealing with the wind tunnels that are created by the tall buildings. I could spend hours telling stories about what has happened in years past in the wind tunnels. Some are quite funny and indeed some are not. By trial and error, we all acclimate to the change of season and just get used to the return of winter’s chill.

Joe Chodur

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