Grease Bombs

I had an opportunity to view a home today that was quite the sight. After so often the times I have viewed living quarters like these, I think to myself, “Are these people really blind to their surroundings.” The general living area was not in the best of states, but the kitchen was what really gave me a bit of a jaw drop. The sink appeared as though the owners were making mud pies and forgot to rinse out the sink. The countertops were cluttered with cooking materials that should have been put away. But the real sight for sores eyes was on and about the stove. I could see grease splats all over the stove top, the knob section, the wall behind the stove as well as the counters on the stove side of the kitchen. I can’t even imagine what form of cooking must go on in that home. I could only se a big open skillet half filled with grease which the owner must have used as a form of deep fat fryer. You can only imagine what it must have looked like with the bubbling, boiling, spitting and spattering, smoking and sizzling taking place while an unfortunate piece of meat was being grease boiled to death. I did at one time so very long ago inspect an apartment where there were multiple people residing. There were only supposed to be two people living in that upstairs apartment. Because there was a water leak, I had to quickly inspect what was happening. To my disbelief, upon walking into the kitchen I found the biggest aluminum kettle in the world filled with grease that was boiling some sort of strange pieces of meat rolling around in the gurgling hot oil. Nearly the entire kitchen was filled with greasy smoke. It wasn’t long after that episode, the tenants were asked to leave.

When I went back to inspect the apartment, I found the kitchen covered with grease. I think one could have taken a putty knife and scraped enough caked grease to refill the container from which it came. I can certainly say, it comes as no surprise when I hear of homes catching on fire due to a stove-top accident. I had to help clean a kitchen once that was again beyond belief. Unfortunately, I became possessed with cleaning as I couldn’t help myself attacking the world’s smallest grease bombs that exploded on the walls. Nevertheless, the walls had to be re-painted due to my scrubbing below the layer of paint. In closing, please be careful about your stovetop cooking or you will likely find exploded grease bombs all over your kitchen.

Joe Chodur

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