Ties That Bind

Every so often we are reminded of our abilities as well as our weaknesses in the workplace and sometimes our personal lives. With that said, I have been reminded of my long ago learned lessons that there a people who really don’t look at the world as most of us do. I have so often these past years found more and more people believing that the world centers around them. Early this morning I received a text message from an out of town seller saying the neighbor next door called and told him that there were lights left on in the basement and main floor. I immediately texted him back and told him I would go there right away. To my internal anger, I found not just one light on, but at least five or six. I know who the last agent was in the home because I remember who calls on what home and for some quirky reason I remember who was in a particular home last. Well, there was a stinging phone call to that agent again regarding the over-sight in making sure that lights are off and doors locked. Not but two days ago, I received a call from another out of town seller who said he heard from a “friend” that I was talking badly about his home. I immediately knew who it was and challenged him regarding those thoughts. I can’t ever remember beating up one of my own listings. I present every property as it is as well as what it could possibly be. Every home has its negatives which are indeed evident, but sometimes positives are over-looked and that is where a seasoned Realtor is needed. Every home has its buyer—no matter what the condition. Lastly, I have one of the dearest of clients who is likely the most loving and forgiving person I know. The sale of her home has been a rocky road at best due to continually required documentation from the lender. She has been a real peach in this whole process and I commend her for that. The more years I find myself marketing real estate in Mason City and North Iowa, the more I find sellers as well as buyers who really do understand that we live in the times where we oft must be all things to all people. I am a firm believer that in good situations as well as bad, real working relationships that endure, are the time tested ties that bind.

Joe Chodur

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