Struggling with Angst

Since the current days of the full moon have not been kind in my circle, I can say again that the negativity, fearfulness, and mean-spiritedness of the humans has been out in full force. I have been working diligently on three difficult files these past days where it seems every day there appears yet one more quirk in keeping the sales on track. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “Too many cooks spoil the soup.” Well, there have been far too many cooks attempting to be the grand chef. I even had someone call me one of these past days informing me of something that was not good for anyone involved by starting off the conversation by saying, “Do you want to hear the good news?” After indeed hearing the bad news, I decided that this particular person really has a problem…and I mean really! I will never as long as I live forget that conversation. I have mentally placed that person in the cage of naughty monkeys that I have constructed in my mind. With that said, I found myself becoming more worrisome than normal about the “what’s next?” mindset. I don’t like being pulled into the arena of being worrisome because it is by far non-productive as well as infectious. I just happened to be at the lumber yard today where I ran into someone who “thinks” I possess everything I’ve ever wanted. His first comment was, which I have heard numerous times before, “Aren’t you retired yet?” My response was, “Do you think for one moment that if I had what you think I have, I would be allowing the bashings that I often endure in my job?” Of course he, as nearly all of them dismiss my remarks as being something cleverly said. Oh well, we all must continue on our paths and do what we can to stay positive and work at being the best we can be in all circumstances. I have a colleague who is about as worrisome at times as I am who once said, “I finally got over being paranoid when I came to the conclusion that the world really is out to get me.” So, even yours truly have days where he struggles with angst.

Joe Chodur

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