Beyond our Reach

Oh such a wonderful day today in Mason City! We are triply blessed by not enduring the terrible storms that were raging east of us. Another reason I considered today wonderful is that I happened upon a younger gentleman who is quite talented in construction and is not afraid of work! It is so refreshing to find another person living in our midst who knows how to create value. I showed him a home this afternoon and we were there for quite some time evaluating not so much what is existing, but rather what value added improvements could be made. We also talked about details. We both agreed that many people spend so much time working towards finishing projects, but when the job is about 90% complete, there becomes a sort of hurried finishing that of course is inferior to the quality of the prior work. We then spoke about working in blocks. Blocks are sections of a whole project that are more manageable and less daunting. I was given an extremely old quilt that I didn’t think much of because it was ready to be pitched into the dumpster. I thought if I washed it, I could use it as a dust cover. Oh my goodness! When I arrived home with it and looked at it more carefully, I was shocked to see the unbelievable number of hours and days it must have taken to create that quilt. I gently washed it and just have it as a decorative throw/conversation piece. That quilt is a classic example of working in blocks. Anyone in today’s world would look at that quilt and say, “That would take me 10 years to stitch by hand and sew together!” Well, in days gone by, I think people when working, didn’t view what was ahead of them, but rather looked back at what they had already accomplished. Viewing a part of the whole which was finished, gave them an incentive to continue working. If we all would teach ourselves to work in blocks, likely nothing would be beyond our reach.

Joe Chodur

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