Breaking Away from the Herd

Having to play catch up from being away from the office merely one day, I found myself experiencing another one of those “follow the bouncing ball” days. As well, I’m not the happiest with the temperature outside. Winter is quickly approaching and I continue to check and double check things that need to be done before the deep winter freeze arrives. On the brighter and thought provoking side of my day was an extended phone conversation with a client that is about as well rounded a person you would find in today’s world. We spoke about the buddy system within communities, the way many speak from both sides of their mouths, the extremes of being politically correct to the point of absurdity, and finally how our young are being programmed.

I guess I was to blame for getting on the subject because while talking about people being two-faced, I interjected and said, “What really gets me, is that I have to keep quiet more often than not because whenever I offer an idea or opinion, I am chastised for years to come because it appears society is not accepting of those that offer alternative ideas as well as suggestions for doing something better.” This client has worked with the general public all his working years and his response to me was, “Joe, just remember, you are dealing with the “herd” mentality.” I laughed to myself because indeed that is what our society is becoming—the herd. Liberal colleges are not in vogue now because they don’t produce “herd” material. I made him laugh as well when I said, “I snapped at one of my young relatives for being plugged in to all the sports, social media and television.” I went on to say, “Why don’t you just unplug yourself and be quiet and perhaps you will start creating something with your own great mind?”

My client was in total agreement. Life should not be filled with non-stop external stimuli, but rather non-stop internal stimuli. I encourage everyone to break away from the herd mentality and start exploring their own gifted abilities.

Joe Chodur

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