Shelter in the Time of Storm

As we find the dark and cold days of winter approaching, I am finding again how people in general become more restless. Part of it I believe, is the changing of the clocks back from daylight savings time and having to get used to the afternoons being shorter due to the sun going down earlier. Another reason for us being so quirky is that our bodies have not yet adapted to the cold. Don’t we all remember how in late Winter and early Spring the temperature gets up in the 40s and how we almost felt too warm when we’re outside? And finally, I believe there is a primitive part of our brains telling us that we have to make every preparation for winter that we can. We seem to get more easily annoyed when something doesn’t get done right away. I was at a meeting today where there were far more cross words exchanged than normal by some of the attendants. Someone even had the audacity to tell me that I don’t do anything unless the time is convenient for me. Wow! That was quite the statement. I know I can’t be all things for all people all the time, but I do make an active attempt at being accommodating. I had a call from a prospective tenant today that was being overly demanding on seeing a home that I have listed for rent. I squeezed in a showing and there wasn’t even a “thank you” from that person for making time to show the rental. We all must just step back and look at the whole picture of how people react when they find themselves entering the dark months and not take it personally. I met with a young gentleman today who is purchasing a home and there are work requirements on the property that he must address. I could tell he was a bit edgy about the additional hoop he must jump through to get the home, but my proverbial hat goes off to him because he was taking it all in stride and knows he will do what he has to do to get the home. I wish everyone during these weeks of approaching winter would have a similar demeanor when we are all attempting to prepare our shelters for the times we have storms.

Joe Chodur

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