The Epistle according to St. Joseph

I attended a party tonight that was being held in honor for a dear client/customer who just turned 70 years old. It was festive and filled with mirth, yet as always with parties they sometimes turn dark with statements with underlying meanings. The one who’s birthday was being celebrated was tricked and tried with a number of birthday gifts including 70 fresh one dollar bills in sequence of the Federal Reserve numbers, along with a Halloween mask that fit perfectly and was indeed a bit scary. Since one of the attendees is a natural gardener, we were fortunate to have one of the best salads created with numerous vegetables out of her garden. I was shocked to see that huge bowl being emptied by the attendees with all the comments and lauds over the taste and texture of that salad. I felt a bit sad for the others who provided the other parts of the meal which in my mind was equally as good. I guess we don’t have enough real all natural veggies to provide for occasions. For some reason, the small dog that was running around the house kept gravitating towards me. If only dogs could talk. One of the attendees whom I have know for many years announced to me that he is moving out of State to live with his daughter. I was so shocked and sad upon hearing this. This man has bounced from multiple family situations—one to another over these past years. Because of my shock and discomfort over hearing this, before I left, I cornered him and said, “Every path you have taken is a familiar path, yet you have not chosen a path that is rarely traversed, yet for you, that may take you to what will bring the real happiness of life you have been searching for.” Oh my goodness! His nearly automatic response was, “What was that? The Epistle according to St. Joseph?” Sometimes the truth does hurt.

Joe Chodur

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