Acts of Random Kindness

Success in itself is something that at times is immeasurable and hard to define. Our society shines all the spotlights on people who have become successful in sports, in movies, and in business. I prefer to veer off that worn path and look for successes that have been trodden over by the herds of people running to be a part of the all those that are bathing in those spotlights. In my years of interacting with the public with my profession, I can yet remember the many who have gone unnoticed and even forgotten within our community. I remember a woman who is deceased now, but in her years of living, she not only reared her own children alone since she was a young widow, but also took and active part in helping other struggling single mothers with their children. She seemed to never sleep with the amount of real work she quietly and without complaint managed to perform on a daily basis. Another person whom I have known for some years, has with real success managed to step out of herself in an almost constant manner. I sometimes think she is a living and breathing angel. She really works at helping people in pain, be it emotional or physical. In one’s darkest hours and moods, just being around her for about 15 minutes, she can fill you with rays of light and hope. There is an absolute selflessness about her that is indeed a rarity in our times. Speaking about myself, I’m not an angel or saint for sure, but I do attempt to go the extra mile for anyone in need. I have been given many gifts of understanding and know-how by those that have gone before me and I consider it my duty to share those gifts. Well, today out of left field, someone did something very special for me that caused me to cry. And believe me, I rarely cry. So, I must now work on paying this great random act of kindness forward. I would rather give than receive, but this gift was totally unexpected, and for some unexplainable reason, it came at the most needed time.

Joe Chodur

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