Keeping the Callouses under Control

The more we seem to endure, assimilate, justify and pacify, the callouses of our jobs seem to appear and create a blindness on our parts as to what really is the best for our clients and customers. I have worked with many business people over the years and have noticed some who have allowed the callouses to enter their business lives. There are those whom we have trusted and considered truly wanting the best for us, we later find that they have compromised our business relationships because of either the poor quality of goods and services or over-billing. More than once of have sent “good-bye” letters to those who decided that greed stands before all else. I’ve come to the conclusion that these people have lost touch with their companies as well as themselves. One business owner in particular whom I can’t possibly mention reaped thousands upon thousands of dollars over the years from a company and when in the end, it was discovered that this person had taken far too many liberties with extra billing and inferior quality of workmanship. The craziest of this is that the calloused business person blamed the person who was being taken advantage of and finally said, “Enough”. Because I have been in the business of selling real estate for so many years, I have as well caught myself developing a bit of callousness. At the first signs of this appearing, I take steps back and do a great deal of introspecting.

Sometimes it really hurts, but getting that callous scraped off is worth the pain and effort. I remember so terribly many years ago telling my mother that if I found that I couldn’t sleep because of something I had intentionally done wrong to someone, then it would be the time for me to find another job.

Joe Chodur

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