The “C” word is really not that far off

SEA_1291At this time of year we begin to experience Fall with all our senses. From the smell of drying leaves and the crispness of the Fall air, to the low angles of the sun creating more visual angles to the world around us. I vividly remember Fall’s light when I was visiting Finland and the Baltic countries in late September. It’s truly amazing how the sun’s light at a lower angle creates a sort of surrealistic world for those that are not used to it. These days are to be enjoyed so that we can create memories to cherish. Today I was outside as much as possible to savor with all my senses the great beauty of this day.

It comes as no surprise as of yet to find that the potential buyers are not out looking at homes these days. As always, most of them make a mad rush in the last weeks so that they can be settled before the snowy weather arrives. I’m not sure if this phenomenon in waiting until the pressure starts to mount is restricted to just our area or if it’s nationwide. Since I really do despise the dark days of winter, I know too well how near those days are. One of my dear relatives once told me that she likes Fall more so than Spring. I quickly responded that I like Spring better than Fall because I know that dark and cold days of Winter are just around the corner. After today’s experience with the great outdoors, I’m going to make every attempt to enjoy each day of Fall to its fullest—Winter can wait. Each time I start to bend back into the old rut of looking for Winter, I’m going to invoke thoughts of carpe diem. Have you been wondering what the “C” word is? Well, we are only a little more that two months away from Christmas! Go out and find yourselves a home and be in for the Holidays.

Joe Chodur

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