Brains move Too Fast Sometimes

I have been doing some work for a customer on the “sidelines” who is similar to other people that I have worked with in the past. The conversations that I’ve had thus far have been quite interesting to say the least. I’m of the stripe who remembers what people say to me and I do try to listen as they speak. Oh how the world has changed! I remember so long ago when in school we were severely corrected for interrupting someone when they were speaking. It seems not that way anymore. I even have to catch myself at times in interjecting on a conversation while someone is speaking. I had a Sociologist tell me some years ago that in these times we will find more and more people conversing in layers. A sentence is not finished because someone else already “believes” what remains on the end of the sentence or conversation. I read an scholarly article some years ago about what has been happening with the young children. They are being exposed to too many interactive video games. Their brains are learning quickly and cranking up their speeds of thought but their mouths can’t seem to keep up so they speak in a sort of fractured English. Yours truly was outside his office this evening washing windows since he can’t seem to find someone who can wash windows as well as he can. A young gentleman who happened to be walking down the street from a nearby pub stopped and decided to start talking to me. Oh Mercy! How much I wish everyone could hear a recording of themselves when speaking. I’m sure it would be pretty scary for many. What I fear the most is that people who know better are acclimating to this new form of communication. I have several people in my family who are working with the public on a daily basis and I find that they are in this “layered communicative mode”. My advice to everyone who encounters this type of communication is to just stop speaking and wait for them to finish what they have to say or else you will get pulled into this form of communication. Again, it seems to span all ages now including the entire crosscut of society including all of our institutions. Let’s slow down and keep our brains from moving too fast.

Joe Chodur

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