Perpetual Axe Grinders

I’ve been working with a client these past weeks that is becoming more and more delightful. He makes me think as well as smile. The particular job he has would cause most people to consider him just another “worker”. Well, he isn’t. We’ve all heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.” He would be one whom you would compare to this saying.

On to my story. He is very inquisitive as well as forward thinking which I appreciate because most people think only about the here and now. It’s all part of that instant gratification that is running rampant throughout the world. One thousand years ago when families and municipalities decided to create something, it would take years and often times decades to get projects completed. Look at the amount of time it took to build the pyramids.

Again, back to my client. We ended up on the subject of people who we encounter while doing our jobs of living that for whatever reason, suddenly turn on us for sometimes the slightest of reasons. I told him I even have members in my family that are like that. The funniest thing he said was, “Why would anyone ever want to take so much time hating me and carrying a grudge? I’m really not that important in the whole scheme of things.” Wow, what a statement! I think I will use this on the next person that decides to turn on me for some slight wrong that they “think” I have perpetrated. I told my client today that this is the reason I like working with him so much. He is not filled with dramas and appears to have no hidden agendas. And what I like about him the most is that he is not a perpetual axe grinder.

Joe Chodur

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