A Bruised Banana

I had my belly laugh today from a client whom I’ve been working with for some weeks. He’s of the type that always looks for the better side of people in spite of their faults. I admire people like him and wish there were more. We were talking about people in general and how often times when we first meet them they appear to be delightful in all categories of looks and personality. He said in the past, he used to think there was something wrong with him because the more he became acquainted with them, the more he found some deep seated issues that were irreconcilable. I smiled and told him I as well have had similar experiences in my years of working with the public. There have been those that I consider onions. No matter how many layers of “facade” I peel away, there is yet another layer until you find that you have gone all the way to the center but no core—like an onion. I’m finding in these times people, who automatically expect hidden agendas with me. I spend more time assuring and re-assuring others that there are NO hidden agendas in my world. Perhaps I’m a lazy bum because I would think working on the maintenance of a hidden agenda as well as keeping up a “facade” of something else would be extremely tedious and time consuming.

Getting back to the point of laughter. My client gave me great laughter when he said, “At first impressions some people are like bruised bananas because when you start peeling them back and tasting them, you find that they’re not nearly as good on the inside as they looked from the outside.”

Take a closer look in your choice of bananas.

Joe Chodur

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