Lack of Incentive

One of the real problems I find in today’s world and especially with the young is a diminished work ethic. I see it in the cross cut of occupations. What is even more disconcerting is that the few that are left who do have a real drive, are ostracized by their peers in the workplace as trying to “outshine” their fellow workers. I hear it more and more from management regarding the lack of quality and accountability. In stepping back and looking at the whole picture, I find that parents are too willing to reward their children for just being their children. Whatever happened to children helping around the house and yard as well as working at getting better grades and not getting in any form of trouble?

Schools are to blame as well. Most schools just work at getting the children to pass into the next grade. Passing grades don’t cut it when it comes to real world competition. The biggest problem I see is the passive/resistive behavior that is encouraged by the media. Sitting in front of the television of hours on end as well as the computer and lastly the mindless text messaging that goes on daily. What purpose do these serve? I see it as nothing more than entertainment for most. People don’t realize that problems aren’t solved in the time slot it takes to watch a television sitcom. This is the reason I am vehement about people young and old being too passive in their daily activities. They are slowly loosing abilities and visions of not what is now but what could be. The lack of incentive is tearing away the fibers that hold the canvas of our great nation together.

Joe Chodur

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