Mindless Chatter

This week must be the high tide for those of the general public that enjoy gossip.  I find it extremely tedious listening to people who make a point of talking about people in a bad way. For example, who really should care about how much money someone has, where they do their shopping, and what make and year of car they drive? I was visiting with a young man today whom I have known since he was a small child. He is looking for something to rent and with my infamous memory, I mentioned that I heard through the gossip channel that he was charged and convicted of an offense that had something to do with drugs. He was shocked that I was so blunt about it. He blushed and said, “It was having to do with marijuana and I haven’t done anything else.” I told him that he will be “branded” for years and years to come because most respectable landlords check Iowa Courts Online and if there are any related drug charges, then the prospective tenants get heavily scrutinized and likely passed over.  Sad isn’t it? In defense of this young man when the gossiper was telling me about his drug related charge, I said, “I remember how much he was a follower when he was a child.” Gentle souls get pulled into dramas more easily because they are trusting and believe everyone else are of a like kind. When he left, I said to him, “Just remember, Mason City is not a city. When it comes to mindless chatter, it is a bloated village.”

Joe Chodur

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