Readers are Leaders

If there is anything that I know for sure, is that people who read books tend to have a far broader understanding of society. Likely it is because the authors of the books that they read give views from different angles due to their perceptions and perspectives. Those who read well written novels, always seem to be able to cut to the chase of a conversation and are able to weed out undesirables in their lives. I had a dear elderly client whom I befriended almost immediately and didn’t realize why I was attracted to her. After some years later when she asked me to list her home and I did my initial walk-thru, I discovered why I liked her so much. Believe it or not, she had a family room wall that was at least 25 feet across that was one solid custom built bookcase that was filled from floor to ceiling with books spanning every topic. She was in her 80’s and believe it or not, she could walk to her wall of books and go right to the book and section of a quote she wanted me to read. Crazy yet not. When someone places priority on that what is the most dear to them, they develop an acute awareness of detail.  I grow quickly tired of people who talk about their polished cars, all of the sports teams they follow and the lives of the team members as well as the mindless chatter of local gossip.

When the house sold, my dear friend called me and asked me to come over to her house because she had something for me. I thought, “Oh my goodness, she’s going to give me something that I really shouldn’t have.” Well, when I arrived there, she escorted me into the “library” room and said, “There is one book I have in my collection that I want you to have and I know it will have a lasting effect on your life.” She walked over to her bookcase and pulled out a book and handed it to me. I looked down and read the title. I had never heard of the book as well as the author. She didn’t say much about it’s content other than it would move me. The name of the book is Babi Yar. I read it some weeks later and was indeed moved.

My friend’s daughter called me from New Mexico where she moved her mother to be close to her and sadly informed me that her mother contracted some sort of lung infection that killed her. She knew how much I thought of her mother and was good enough to call.

My friend was yet another example of the expression, “Readers are leaders.”

Joe Chodur

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