Simply Delightful

I scheduled an appointment yesterday for a buyer to view one of my cheaper listings this afternoon. I arrived at the home nearly right on time and found that he had not arrived yet. I waited about five minutes and then called him to see if he had forgotten the appointment or was held up at work. He answered and said he was running a few minutes late and would be there shortly.

When he arrived, I discovered that he had asked his father to look at the home with him so he was there as well. Sometimes parents think Realtors are evil and they have to protect their children from being talked into something that they really shouldn’t be buying. After about a half hour of looking the property over and visiting about possibilities of improving the home, I discovered that this young gentleman is a rarity in today’s world. He wants to start out small and take his time in building equity. All three of us ended up talking about anything and everything. It’s always so good to hear about the lives of people, what they do, and what their hopes and dreams are. My hour and a half with them was delightful because the young buyer who is bursting with energy was simply delightful.

Joe Chodur

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