Overgrowth of Fear

The age in which we live is has indeed changed dramatically due to the information that we are bombarded with via the television and internet. So much information at our disposal at the click of a mouse. Of course the unfortunate thing about the age of information is that if we’ve seen it on TV or read it on the internet, then it certainly is true. Not so. Many of the daily articles are about someone being sued or discredited for something he or she said or did that was not considered appropriate. With that said, I find that society is now gravitating towards their own “sub-groups” with whom they can interact freely without being ostracized by the general population for what they believe or don’t believe.

Why I consider this idea becoming more the norm, is that many people consider their friends more dear to them than they find their own families. In years past, society in general just debated a problem until the solution was agreed upon by all. No special interest groups looking over shoulders, no government entities checking to make sure some protected interest had not been injured, and of course we all have be careful that we haven’t acknowledged a statement that someone has said for fear that the next person would consider it an affirmation. Crazy isn’t it? Over these many years, I have seen and heard much that I find socially un-acceptable. Even to this day, I still find certain types of behavior in-appropriate. I hope that there are more that feel the same way as I do. Some have considered me aloof because I choose not to be pulled into the abyss of dramas and hidden agendas. We all must get back to speaking our minds freely and taking a stand for what is socially correct behavior. The overgrowth of fear that is darkening our lives needs to be cut back to let in the light of truth so that we can all move forward as a growing community.

Joe Chodur

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