If a Tree could Only Talk

If a Tree could Only TalkSince I was a small child I have always considered trees and plants to be more than just greenery used for food or landscaping. Much has been written these last years about how plants respond to outside stimuli, be it positive or negative. I was reading an article not long ago about how photos were take of a leaf from a tree that had part of the leaf cut out and then showed a picture from a specially built camera to show low level energy fields. Much to the surprise of the photographer, there was a faint line of energy filling in the area of the leaf that was missing.

Many times people tell me they cannot grow plants. They say every time they try, the plants end up dead. Hmmm. Makes me wonder if they died because there was a pre-determined belief that they would indeed die. On the other hand, there are people who live among us who seem to have a naturally green thumb. The most curious thing about these green-thumbers is that they always seem to have a genuinely wholesome way about them. Do you think the plants can sense that and respond accordingly?

I have driven past the Spruce tree pictured here thousands of times. I remember when it was smaller and part of a farmyard. The house was torn down but some of the buildings still remained. There were many trees on the building site including this one. As years progressed and the city expanded, the property became part of a commercial development. More and more of the trees were cut down until finally after every one but this one remained. I am sure most of you have driven past this tree hundreds of times and never noticed it. It is the last remnant of a working farm. I am glad that the commercial business that it is near didn’t cut it down because it has indeed endured many changes over these past decades. So, if there was a tree that could speak about Mason City, I would love to hear what this one has to say.

Joe Chodur

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