Every Age has its Beauty

brick wallEach season that passes, it seems to me that more and more of the people who are decades past the years of considering themselves legally adults, I find making more and more of an attempt to return to their youth via the clothes they wear, the hair styles and colors, the makeup, the body art and piercings, and finally the “cosmetic” surgeries they insist on being a necessity. I will never forget a sight about five years ago looking out the office window and seeing someone attempting to crawl out from the back seat of a minivan wearing clothes that were at least three sizes too small and the flesh I viewed being publicly exposed was shocking. Either people don’t have full length mirrors in their homes or they in an advanced stage of optical denial. And please, don’t think I am zeroing in on the men or the women. This anomaly spans all socio-economic classes.

Compliments of the powers that be, I had some very good teachers during my formative years. Even back when I was in school, the commercial advertisers were at work attempting to seduce us in to believing newer, younger and better was the way. Well, one day so long ago and far away, one of my aged and delightful teachers stood in front of the class before she proceeded with her lecture saying,

“Every age has its beauty as look as we look for it.”

The photo I have posted here tonight is a photo of one of the walls of a brick building in downtown Mason City. That building is well over 100 years old and when you really look and the age, the blemishes, and the texture of the brick and mortar, you will see a great beauty that can’t be copied.

Let’s not try to copy anyone or anything. Big business is made from copying.

Joe Chodur

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